Reach world markets easily

Trading and information networks

Ceylon software carries millions of valuable, time-sensitive messages each day. Traders in the world's largest markets rely on Ceylon to communicate their trading interests and manage risk in real time.

At Ceylon's core is an accessible, adaptable messaging framework that supports the creation, transmission, reception, and use of virtually any type of structured or unstructured data, whether in text or binary form.


Ceylon messaging enables new kinds of information markets and significant improvements in existing markets, with applications ranging from finance to health to remote monitoring, with benefits for organizations and individuals alike.

Our first applications of Ceylon messaging technology focus on markets that demand fast, reliable, high-volume delivery of messages containing structured data. Our software enables traders to publish prices and related data to other software applications, web pages, and subscribers of over 300,000 Bloomberg terminals.


Ceylon's RocketSheet technology transforms Microsoft Excel into a powerful, real-time communications platform. Use Excel to publish or receive virtually any kind of structured data, including stock quotes, financial statements, inventory levels, orders, retail prices, or catalogs.

Enabling the real-time web for everyone

Ceylon software lets anyone create data-driven web pages they can update in real time, simply and without requiring a database application or expertise. We transform the web into a live network in which everyone can publish information as it develops and changes, whether baseball scores, grocery or gas prices, restaurant specials, or almost any other kind of time-sensitive data.

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Our name

"Ceylon" is an historical name for the island nation of Sri Lanka, a nexus of shipping and trading off the southeast coast of the India for thousands of years, and — somewhat more recently — the birthplace of our co-founder Wishwa Weerasinghe.

From its ancient standing as a crossroads for the tea, spice, and gem trades to its modern position as a hub for transportation and software development, Ceylon evokes the role of communications and markets in the development of civilization.

Our affinity for Wishwa aside, we loved the sound of the word "Ceylon" and — as a company dedicated to helping people communicate freely — its connotation of beneficial interaction and cooperation among people from around the world. Thus, we are Ceylon.


John Harris

John co-founded and leads business development for Ceylon. He has over twenty-five years of financial technology and trading experience. He founded BondMart Technologies, Inc., a developer of exchange and market data technology for capital markets and was a general partner of Harris, Paige & Co., an investment advisory and trading firm engaged in bond indexing and arbitrage. He started the first institutional-fixed-income sales desks in Silicon Valley for Kidder, Peabody and Lehman Brothers, respectively, and was a leading contributor to the development of FIX Protocol Limited's support for fixed-income trading. John holds an A.B. in Human Biology from Stanford University.

Wishwa Weerasinghe

Wishwa co-founded and leads software development for Ceylon. Before starting Ceylon he spent ten years as a senior software engineer with Millennium Information Technologies, a London Stock Exchange Group company that powers many of the world's leading exchanges. At Millennium Wishwa served as architect or senior developer for numerous, innovative technologies and played a leading role in implementation of several major exchange platforms. Wishwa is a graduate of University of Moratuwa.

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