RocketSheet User Guide

A brief introduction to RocketSheet and its utility as a real-time publishing platform for market data and other structured information.

How to install RocketSheet and related Ceylon software.

Implementing Bloomberg's Multi Product Feed
Follow these steps to successful implementation of Bloomberg's Multi Product Feed ("MPF") protocol for publication of your prices and other data to Bloomberg subscribers.

Getting Started with RocketSheet
Using RocketSheet is incredibly easy. This article helps you get started.

Managing RocketSheet Data Files
Your RocketSheet administrator will manage five, simple text files in support of RocketSheet users. This article lists the files and provides help for this easy but important task.

Managing Instruments
Learn about RocketSheet's tools for establishing and maintaining the file of instruments for which you will be publishing information to Bloomberg via MPF and internal users via MDD.

Working with RocketSheet Functions
RocketSheet's Excel add-in functions resemble and work in the same way as native Excel functions. This article provides helpful tips for finding and using the RocketSheet functions you need.

RocketSheet function index

Click any function name below for details on its purpose, syntax, arguments, and return values. Or, see our overview of functions for a brief description of each function.

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