Managing RocketSheet Data Files

RocketSheet's data files are straightforward and easy to administer, even for small trading teams that lack dedicated or full-time support from information technology ("IT") staff. No relational database or database know-how is necessary.

To support traders and other staff using RocketSheet-equipped spreadsheets, the RocketSheet administrator needs to manage only five, simple, text files, each of which resides in the Common Configuration Files ("configs_mpf_mdd") folder. Of these five files, four will change rarely, if ever - the versions of these files that come with RocketSheet should work as-is, without requiring modification unless Bloomberg applicable parts of its MPF specification. The remaining file contains details concerning the instruments for which you publish information and you will likely have need to update it regularly.

Your RocketSheet administrator will manage these files:

About CSV files

A comma-separated-values ("CSV") file is a type of text file that serves as a database but is easy for almost anyone to create and maintain. CSV files are commonly used to store tabular data. Of the five files listed above, four are CSV files, as indicated by their ".csv" file extension.

The term "comma-separated-values" refers to the format of the file. Typically, data is stored in rows. The first row usually contains column headings for the tabular data. Each subsequent row in the CSV file normally represents one row (or "record") in the data table. The individual data fields for each record and the column headings themselves (typically in the first row) are separated ("delimited") by a comma.

In addition to being easy to create and maintain, CSV files can be read or "parsed" by computers very quickly.

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