SendBidPrice function MPF

Publish a bid price for a particular instrument, using decimal price notation.


=SendBidPrice(Instrument, BidPrice)


An instrument identifier ("InstrumentID") listed in the common configuration file Instruments.csv, as maintained by the system administrator. For a list of available instruments, the user may click the "Instruments" button in RocketSheet Dashboard.
A bid price represented in decimal form, with a period as a digit separator for non-integer values.

Return Values

Data successfully sent by RocketSheet, upon initialization or most recent data update, to MPF Gateway for forwarding to Bloomberg. Per the MPF protocol, data may be in queue at MPF Gateway, awaiting acknowledgement of prior messages by the Bloomberg MPF parser.
Connection Failure
Data submission is prevented by a connectivity outage. This outage may be (i) between RocketSheet and MPF Gateway, (ii) between MPF Gateway and Bloomberg, or (iii) both between RocketSheet and MPF Gateway and between MPF Gateway and Bloomberg.
Not Contributing
The user has disabled data contribution in his Dashboard. Data will not be contributed to Bloomberg.
Unknown Instrument
The user has attempted to contribute data for an instrument not configured by the system administrator in the MPF Server's instruments file ("Instruments.csv"). Contact the system administrator to request configuration of the instrument.
Unhandled Function
This version of RocketSheet provides no support for this function.