Getting Started with RocketSheet

Anyone who can write an Excel formula as simple as this can easily use RocketSheet:


In the example above, RocketSheet's Excel add-in function "SendBidPrice" instructs Bloomberg to initiate or update the bid price for a security for which you publish real-time information for Bloomberg subscribers. "A2" and "B2" are cell references, with "A2" containing a security identifier and "B2" the bid price.

Better still, whenever you change the bid price in Excel, whether manually or via another function, RocketSheet will instantaneously send the updated price to your customers via Bloomberg, presuming you have asked it to do so.

Using RocketSheet is that uncomplicated and straightforward, so let's get started!

First things first

If you have not already done so, please install the Ceylon software following the instructions in this guide.

If you will be using RocketSheet to publish information on Bloomberg, you should begin working with Bloomberg's Data Acquisition/Contributions department as quickly as possible. RocketSheet communicates with Bloomberg using Bloomberg's native Multi Product Feed ("MPF") protocol and Bloomberg must establish facilities in its data centers for your use as a MPF contributor.

Either Ceylon Support or your Bloomberg Account Executive can put you in touch with an account manager for Bloomberg's Data Acquisition/Contributions team. Please see the article "Implementing Bloomberg's Multi Product Feed" for additional information.

Running the show

When you use RocketSheet to publish information to Bloomberg via MPF or internally via RocketPX Market Data Distributor ("MDD"), you run, in effect, an enterprise market data business - one that serves potentially hundreds of thousands of subscribers around the world!

Whether you serve as RocketSheet Administrator, trader, risk manager, or in another capacity as publisher of real-time information for these subscribers, they will come to rely on your information stream, which may well be the most important and valuable information they receive in a given day.

So, whether as administrator for your entire RocketSheet installation or a RocketSheet publisher, you have an important role to play in running the show. RocketSheet and its related software are easy to administer and use, but there are important activities you will want to do on a regular basis in order to provide the best possible service to your subscribers.

RocketSheet Administrator

The RocketSheet Administrator will typically be responsible for initial and any subsequent testing that may be necessary; start-of-day and end-of-day operations; management of data files, particularly the instruments file; monitoring of system health and performance; and, interactions as may be necessary with your network administrator, Ceylon, or Bloomberg. He may install the Ceylon software himself if he has the requisite administrative privileges or else coordinate installation with your firm's desktop support staff and network administrator. The RocketSheet Administrator may also, of course, be a RocketSheet user.

RocketSheet publisher

RocketSheet publishers will typically be responsible for opening and closing RocketSheet on their workstations each day, controlling their contributions to Bloomberg or internally, monitoring their connections to MPF Gateway, Bloomberg, and RocketPX MDD, and running their RocketSheet-enabled spreadsheets.

Order of operations

We recommend that the RocketSheet Administrator execute start-of-day and end-of-day operations in the following order:

Start of day

  1. Launch MPF Gateway.

  2. Launch RocketPX MDD.

  3. Launch RocketSheet Dashboard(s).

  4. Start RocketSheet-enabled spreadsheet(s).

End of day

  1. Close RocketSheet-enabled spreadsheet(s).

  2. Close RocketSheet Dashboard(s).

  3. Close RocketPX MDD.

  4. Close MPF Gateway.

Launch MPF Gateway

On the machine that hosts MPF Gateway, use the desktop shortcut to launch MPF Gateway.

When the dialog box appears asking you to confirm that you wish to connect to Bloomberg via MPF, click Confirm to connect.

After confirming that you wish to connect to Bloomberg, the MPF Gateway Manager will launch. Initially it will only display connection state information.

Launch RocketPX MDD

On the machine that hosts RocketPX MDD, use the desktop shortcut to launch RocketPX MDD.

MDD's application monitor will launch. Initially the monitor will display just a list of market data sources available for user subscription and confirmation that a server is ready for ready for subscriber use.

Launch RocketSheet

On the machine that hosts RocketSheet, use the desktop shortcut to launch RocketSheet.

RocketSheet's login dialog will start. Enter the user name that the RocketSheet administrator provided.

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