RocketSheet is a configurable desktop application for composing, sending, receiving, and using structured data. It is a versatile, powerful, easy-to-use communications tool, capable of communicating large volumes of high-value messages, securely, reliably, and instantly.

How this guide is organized

Whether you are an individual user of RocketSheet or an administrator for a group of users in a large enterprise, this guide is for you. Our goal is to help you install and enjoy your use of RocketSheet as quickly as possible and with the least-possible effort.

We divide the guide into logical subject areas - getting started, installation, setting up and managing instruments or products about which you will be communicating, working with functions, and so forth - with articles on each topic easily accessible from the guide's directory page. We also provide a concise summary of each article on the directory page, to help you find exactly the information you need.

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Using RocketSheet

RocketSheet is a communications tool for structured data - data organized according to a pre-determined scheme, as in a database or spreadsheet. By contrast, the contents of an email message or tweet typically represent unstructured data. Just as your email or instant messaging applications are designed particularly for unstructured data, RocketSheet is designed to excel at the communication of structured data.

RocketSheet is a communications tool for structured data, such as spreadsheets generally contain.

We have big plans for RocketSheet. The world is filled with structured data that could be put to better, more productive use, but is held back for want of simple, affordable, effective communications tools such as RocketSheet. But at present, we have oriented RocketSheet's feature set and capabilities to the most demanding audience we can find: professional market makers who need to publish millions of quotes per day and require extremely fast, high-volume, real-time messaging, directly to and from their spreadsheets.

Market-data publishing

RocketSheet, used in concert with Ceylon's Multi Product Feed ("MPF") Gateway, is a powerful, market data publishing system for professional traders operating electronic trading businesses on Bloomberg.

Using RocketSheet’s intuitive, Microsoft Excel Add-In functions, MPF Gateway, and related software, traders can turn their spreadsheets into real-time, Bloomberg contribution and pricing engines, via the Bloomberg Multi Product Feed (“MPF”) protocol.

This guide shows you how to configure and use RocketSheet and MPF Gateway to publish your markets to Bloomberg's global audience of professional traders.

Internal data distribution

Many organizations publish quotes not just for external but also for internal consumers - executives, risk managers, proprietary traders, and other flow-trading desks.

RocketSheet, used in conjunction with Ceylon's RocketPX Market Data Distributor ("MDD"), makes an ideal platform for internal communication of vital pricing and other data. With RocketSheet and MDD, every spreadsheet in your organization becomes a real-time communications medium, fully capable of sending as well as receiving structured data, instantly. We show you how in this guide.

Thank you for choosing RocketSheet

This user guide will help you begin using RocketSheet quickly and productively. Let's get started!

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